Property Investment

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Property Investment

This new Service offers advice to investors (institutional or private) who invest, or intend to invest in property. Its main objective is to help the client maximize his return

with a minimum of risk. Until recently, property investment in Cyprus took the form of buying, either land or buildings, or development, without due consideration of risks. The favourable conditions of the property market led to high Yields and low risk, with the result investment in property to exceed all other forms of investment. Today, the prospects of property as an investment appear very encouraging, provided the investor secures a sound advice. Investment in property is characterised by certain peculiarities compared with other forms of investment, such as the element of heterogeneity, the fact that its investment characteristics are affected by a large number of laws and regulations, the fact that the information regarding the levels of values and rents is not freely available and the fact that the owner is required to actively participate in its management. It is known that property may be acquired as an investment, which offers, either income in the form of rent, or capital appreciation or both. Investment in property is part of the wider investment market, following its trends and prospects. As such, it competes against other forms of investment. For a prospective investor, it is necessary to know the prospects and the comparative advantages and disadvantages of property as an investment, given his needs and liability circumstances, including his tax liability. For example, a high income tax payer will prefer to invest in properties with low or no income, but with a high annual capital appreciation. Property Investment Analysis informs the prospective investor on existing yields of investment in property and other sectors and advices him on the merits of investing in property. Furthermore, it offers advice to the investor with regard to his choice as to the kind of investment in property, according to his special requirements. In short, this Service offers expert advice, assisting the investor to: • formulate the right investment objectives and policy, to suit his portfolio objectives. • select the right investments • actively manage his investments