Project management

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Project management

Project Management is in fact a continuation of the Service of Viability and Feasibility Study. The basic objective of Project Management is to assist in promoting and negotiating the "optimum" development, as decided following the recommendations of the Viability and Feasibility Study.

The Project Manager normally participates with the Architect and other Consultants for the proper design of the Project, aiming at maximizing revenue, increasing marketability of the created units and minimizing costs. He advises the owner for the selection of the Consultants and the Contractor, he participates in the preparation of specifications and contract, and negotiates the contents of the contract with the Contractor.

During construction stage the Project Manager co-ordinates the various Consultants and attends to the proper enforcement of the terms of the Contract, including the completion of construction within the time limits and time table of the Contract, until completion and delivery of the Project. Moreover, the Project Manager faces and handles the various problems and changes that may result, with the lower possible repercussions on the total cost of the Project. He also advises the Owner on management, financial and technical issues that may arise.

The appointment of a Project Manager in a development project offers substantial financial, technical and administrative benefits to the owner. After completion and delivery of the Project, the Service of Sales and Letting Management follows, aiming at a successful disposal by sale or letting.