Chartered Surveyors and Valuers

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Chartered Surveyors and Valuers

Evolution & specialisation

In the past the private sector of property consultancy in Cyprus was virtually limited to the preparation of property valuations

for purposes of finance or loan, or for purposes of information of interested persons, for purchase or sale of a property.

The general public was not aware of the nature and spectrum of the services offered in this field and was, consequently, reluctant to approach and seek professional advice in the field of real estate. During the past years the situation started to change gradually for different reasons.

The continuing evolution of the economy, the intensive development in all sectors, the pressure exercised by the various land uses, and the continuing introduction by the State of serious and complicated legal restrictions (Town Planning Zones, Rent Control, Foreshore Protection, Antiquities and others), have increasingly generated the need to seek the professional opinion of an Expert Property Consultant - Valuer.

The Firm saw this need from the very first years of its establishment and applied a policy of expansion of its operations geographically and functionally, coupled with a continuous rising of the standard of the services rendered, specialisation, employment of people really qualified in this field, and the introduction of new services beyond property valuations.